Friday, July 15, 2016


Interviewed by actor and filmmaker, Jon Favreau for the magazine feature, Elba reflects on his career in television and working on The Wire. Elba explains, “Television is where I cut my teeth. One of my first jobs was in a soap opera, five days a week. And what I found is, although there are different directors coming in and different crews, you just lived in your character. It’s the nature of the story, the ongoing story, and it can get deeper and deeper.” Elba talks about his breakout role as Russell ‘Stringer’ Bell on The Wire, sharing, “I had moved to America a few years earlier. I had to get a job. And this character came about, and I jumped straight in. And it was like, ‘Today we’re doing this scene in this part of this story line in this part of this world.'” Discussing the difference between television shows and films, Elba says, “You don’t have the luxury like you do in films to do one scene per day. But what kept the quality control up was that the writing was so phenomenal. The guest director could just drop into the world, those characters and their environments, and start filming, because it was sewn into us. That was our world.” Read more on

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