Friday, May 8, 2015


ZOE KRAVITZ DAUGHTER OF LISA BONET AND LENNY KRAVITZ MODELS POWERFUL PICTURES IN FLAUNT MAGAZINE. SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION OF BOTH PARENTS. On her upcoming projects: “I’m doing sh*t that I love,” Zoë confesses. “I just wrapped a film mid-January. It went straight to Sundance… Ever since then it’s been nonstop. Press for Insurgent. I have a film called Good Kill coming out with Ethan Hawke. Mad Max press is gearing up. Dope is also at Sundance. That’s coming out in June.” On shooting sci-fi films: It’s so much bigger than you… stunts, and building sets, and special effects… There’s so much more than just you. You feel like part of a machine. Like a working part of a machine. I’m [used to] the other side, independent films. On her independent projects: I just did a film with Emile Hirsch called, Vincent and Roxy [that] I’m super excited about. It was me, him, and the director—and the [Director of Photography]. [Doing it was like,] “we’re going to figure out how the scene’s going to go; we’re going to figure out how to shoot it; we’re going to figure out how the dialogue is going to change. We [were] figuring it all out, and you know every process, or every step of the way of the process of how to get to the end result. And this, and big films like [Mad Max]…you don’t make those choices… On social media: “We’re going to find out, at one point, how it’s affected human beings. We’re part of an experiment.” Zoë confirms. "The information is right there. But it’s all about who you are. You can either use the internet and look at gossip blogs and porn all day, which is fine sometimes. Or you can use it to do exactly what we’re talking about: to connect with people, and find information. It’s all there, so it all comes down to your level of discipline, and interests and wonder." CHECK OUT THE FULL INTERVIEW IN FLAUNT MAGAZINE

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