Friday, October 3, 2014


Jasmine Guy, known most prominently for her role as Whitley on TV’s A Different World, recently sat down for Oprah Winfrey’s web series “Who Am I.” In it, the star answered questions about her versatile career and raising her daughter, Imani. As a professional dancer, choreographer, singer, and actress, Jasmine has dipped her toes in almost every pool, but said her biggest life lesson has been learning how to “live in between the gigs.” Likely, the biggest accomplishment between the gigs has been motherhood. In the interview, Jasmine admitted that there have been times when she would simply pray that she was not getting in the way of who her daughter needed to be. She’d have to ask herself whether she was helping or if she was just in the way. “And it’s harder now that she’s older,” she added. Since her separation from Imani’s father in 2008, Jasmine has been raising her 15-year-old in her own hometown, Atlanta. With Imani in those complicated teenage years now, Jasmine has discovered new, more difficult challenges, within the concept of living with another woman. She bravely explained what many mothers have experienced, that is: “having another woman mind to talk to and relate to — and try to get to clean the bathroom — is a little tricky.”

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