Tuesday, April 24, 2012


TAMERA The second season of the hit docu-series “Tia & Tamera” follows the identical twin sisters as they embark on major life transitions. The baby is here, the wedding is over – so now what? As they face the realities of motherhood and matrimony, Tia and Tamera lean heavily on each other to lighten the difficult moments with comedic insight and advice and to share their worries and fears. After nine months of sickness, pre-natal classes and then the birth, Tia now is figuring out how to actually be a mother to her son, Cree. Worry and concern abound as she struggles to find the right balance between being a successful actress and a successful mom. Tia tries to follow her maternal instincts and her heart when raising Cree but sometimes the question of “am I doing this right?” plagues her conscience. Tamera spent months preparing for her dream wedding, and as she approaches her one-year anniversary, she wonders about her new role as a working wife. With homes in Los Angeles and Napa Valley, where her husband’s family also owns a vineyard, Tamera finds herself pulled between two different worlds, struggling to decide where she will ultimately call home. “Tia & Tamera” highlights the funny, poignant, stressful and loving relationship of these sisters who are trying to make their mark in the home and out in the world … together The other half of our favorite celebrity twins is pregnant. Tamera Mowry-Housley is pregnant with her first child and she confirms the new with People Magazine. Also, Tia & Tamera has been picked up for a second season, so we will see some of this unfold this summer when the show returns. Congrats! I can’t wait to see this bundle of joy. Perhaps next time the sisters will time their pregnancies just right, and give birth to twin cousins. Adam and I are excited about having a baby and the blessing that he or she will bring to our lives and to our family and friends. We can’t wait to meet this little miracle!

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