Friday, January 7, 2011


I have a new look for the new year folks…
Let me introduce you to Kim COILS!
I just cut all the braids out of my head and I feel free, breezy and I admit a tad bit scared, but I took the leap anyway. I have been wanting to for a while. But I ’aint gonna lie, I bought a wig just in case!

I’ve been consistently in micro-braids with human hair extensions since 1991. I did have a couple of detours into a short coily ’do with my own hair. Once, after our Christmas hiatus, I came to work at Living Single with cute little twists. My castmates cheered. The producers freaked. My braider re-attached my hair before taping resumed the next week! The other time was right after Living Single ended and I wanted to shed Synclaire. I lasted 3 weeks without my hair. How can I ever leave Synclaire behind? Woo Woo Woo! Prior to that, I had weaves and prior to that relaxer since High School.

I have been secretly thinking about making a change for about a year, but I was not ready to be fully natural using only my own hair partly because I did not know what products to use. Then, YOU TUBE changed my life forever. There are amazing videos that gave me the courage and the product knowlwdge to take the leap to become completely authentic… minus color of course. No, I ‘aint rockin’ gray and kinky at the same time! I turn 49 on January 11 2010. GRAY,I tell ya!What this new look is really all about is a personal journey. I want to show the outer manifestation of the inner work that I have been doing. I am letting go of a lot of things that don’t serve me anymore and hair that doesn’t grow from my head is just a beginning. Chile, will discuss my excess weight on another date!

I have always been a “what-you-see-is -what-you-get” kind of girl, so why not show more REAL me than ever before. I am shifting in other areas of my life and this is not about dissatisfaction but more about an authentic

By the way, this is not a political statement, although I am indeed proud of my heritage. I am not planning to enter into the many debates over hair. Nor will I be pushing others to take the steps that I am taking. Do YOU! I think that you get to chose your kind of beauty. However, I do encourage all of us to be honest with ourselves as to why we make the choices that we do. I feel that we must pay attention to the choices we make in relation to ourselves, our mates, our money, our health and our hair if that applies too.

I am fully aware that I chose to add hair to my head because:

a. It was easy and I am lazy in that department.
b. As a little girl, I always wanted long, luxurious, bouncy hair just like the girls in magazines and shampoo commercials. Shoot, I wanted that a big girl too!
c. As an actress, I knew there was a certain look that was “acceptable”for me to get hired for the roles I was playing on TV.
d. The styling routine on a set can wreak havoc on your own hair. When extensions were fried, I cut ‘em and tossed’em away.
e. Damn it, it was the 90’s and I thought I looked cute!

Now I look cute like this. In fact, I feel beautiful and truly it is about what is inside your soul that makes you beautiful.
Thanks for letting me share this journey with you. If you are kinky,curly, coily wavy,nappy or straight and can relate… let me know.

Let’s all be beautiful inside and out!

Love and Laughter,


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